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  1. Hi Justin!

    I just read the first legend in your portfolio.

    First off I think your title of "Blue Legends" and the meaning behind it is very cool, and it allows for a lot of interesting applications, because many heroes in folklore can identify with the traits associated with the color blue.

    As for your story, I think it would help a bit to visually break it up with some spaces or lines between some of it. Currently, you have it as one big paragraph and I kept finding myself rereading the same lines over and over. I think visually breaking it up will also help the reader follow the story a bit better!

    The girl being healed by the water that Jesus was washed in is a very intriguing aspect of the story, but maybe explain why she decided to wet her hands in order to fill in that gap. It makes sense why the people after her wash their hands in the healing water, because the original girl already knows of it's abilities, but it doesn't quite make sense that someone with leprosy decided to wet their hands in dirty water. Maybe just add a sentence or two saying she got her hands dirty doing something and wanted to wash them before sitting down to rest.

    I like your description at the end where you define why Jesus's character traits relate to the color blue, I think that works really well in tying this legend into your
    portfolio as a whole!

  2. Hi Justin! I just read your first portfolio and I want to tell you first what a good job you did! I really enjoyed the story and the changes you made from the original story. I was very confused what blue had to do with your story until the very end. If you want to keep it at the very end that is fine, but maybe mention it a little in the beginning so that the reader is not confused right off the bat. Definitely think about spacing your story out. I know Laura gave me advise on doing that for my portfolio too so I think you should try splitting up your ideas into paragraphs to add more structure. I also agree with Bailey and think that there needs to be a connection between the girl being healed. You have a very nice idea of transitioning the story but you just need to add a little more. Overall I think you have a really great start to your story and I would love to see you add on to it!

  3. Justin,

    I enjoyed reading your story! I liked the concept of "the Blue Legends," and I think it allows for a lot of creativity. Blue can be symbolic for many traits and characteristics, so I think it is cool that you are trying to relate notable individuals to the color blue. I really liked the part where Jesus was rolling down the hill with Sitre. I think it was a good emphasis on the fact that Jesus was still a very young infant. My question is why did the girl with leprosy decide to touch the water that Jesus had bathed in? Was it just by chance? I think it's a small detail but might be worth adding. Also, one suggestion I have would be to possibly include more of the prince's thoughts on the healing of his son. The prince wanted the son gone but now is throwing a supper as a thank you I assume for everyone involved. It would be interesting to hear some of the prince's dialogue when he found out his son was healed. Was he in shock or disbelief?

  4. Hi Justin!
    I loved the detail in your story. The author's note was very helpful in explaining your thought process in writing your story and why you chose to include specific details. I appreciated the part about him rolling down the hill. Instead of just saying that Jesus was a normal boy, you included a detail that showed the reader. I also like that you explained the relationship between Sitre and Jesus, as a brother and sister type of relationship. I was wondering where this story was in the bible, but your explanation in the author's note completely cleared that up. A suggestion I have is to include more of the significance of blue within your story. It was explained in the author's note, but it might be nice to tie it in through details in your story. I also would consider adding more details about the princess and prince. Personally, from the details about them that you did include, I think the princess should leave the prince because he seems horrible. Does he redeem himself? Jesus wouldn't appreciate the king wanting to kill his son just because he had a disease. Did Jesus forgive him and show him the ways of Christ? Overall, great story and so well written!

  5. Hey Justin!
    I loved your stories! The theme of the color blue is a super cool concept that I haven't seen before either! In your first story, I thought it was cool how you told a story of Jesus while he was a child. I am not familiar with his childhood so it was interesting reading a story that took place during that time. It is crazy to think someone would still love their husband if he ordered the wife to kill their child, but I guess that was a lot more common back in the day. I wonder what the husband thought when he found out his son did not have leprosy? Great stories and I look forward to reading more!

  6. Hi Justin! This idea of "Blue Legends" that you have in this Portfolio is quite original, and I enjoyed reading about the significance of blue as a character trait! Even the text on the pages of your Introduction and two Legends is blue, which I thought was an excellent and subtle touch. I thought the banner images that you've included on each page are great--one thing I might suggest changing on those is to make sure each of them contains blue somehow. Currently, I think they all do except for Legend 2. That might make sure that this great idea of a blue thread throughout your Portfolio is also visually depicted by the images! The stories themselves were fun to read, so I don't have too much else to add. I'm a big How to Train Your Dragon fan, so it was fun to read about Hiccup and the gang in a school project! Is there some music you could include on the page of this second Legend to set the mood again? I liked it when you added Egyptian music the first time!

  7. Hello Justin,
    I really enjoyed your home page, as it was detailed in laying out how to approach your storybook. Blue is my favorite color so it's awesome to see it as a focal point in a storybook haha. I read that article by Jennifer Bourn and enjoyed it. I did not know Blue had that deep of a meaning! I read the first and second legends and was impressed by both! I like the artwork on both the legends and found them appropriate for the stories you tell. The music was a nice touch too, as it gave me a little boost this late evening. Good to see the variety of media you have (vids, pics) and having different pictures with each story. Your author's notes were very detailed in explaining your thought process, so that is very appreciated. Looking forward to the third legend!

  8. Hi Justin,
    First I want to say that I really like the layout of your portfolio. It is really cool that you made all the lettering blue to fit the title of "The Legends of the Color Blue". It Helps to emphasize the color blue and make the reader continue to think about it. I also really liked how you included Egyptian music to go with the first story. I have never realized that the color blue actually had a deep meaning to it because I have always associated it with sadness. It was interesting to read how you incorporated the characteristics for the color blue through it the stories! in the first story, you say Jesus is a normal boy but what is exactly normal? I think it would be helpful to show more of what you mean when the girl says normal. Great job on your portfolio, I really enjoyed it.

  9. Hi Justin!
    I like the meaning behind calling all these heroes 'Blue Legends.' We don't get to see much about what the colors mean nowadays, and it is cool to see a color as a defining trait of heroes. Also, the blue text is a really nice thematic touch! In your legend 1 story, the relationship between Sitre and Jesus is so cute. It's great to see someone think of someone as well known and worshipped as Jesus as their little brother. It might be nice if you depict some more day to day scenes between Sitre and Jesus so you can show what the little girl means when she says Jesus is just a normal kid. I also really liked your third story, featuring Aurea as the main character. it is interesting to see how she herself is affected by this evil spirit and how she decides to defeat them after experiencing the evil they could bring about.

  10. Hi, Justin.

    I loved your first story. I read the story it was based on at the beginning of the semester, and originally thought I might write my own story. I ended up not writing very many stories... How unfortunate. I also followed you recommendation of listening to the Egyptian music at 1.5 times speed. I did like it better! I really love that story. Most of all, I love Jesus. I like the idea that even though He hadn't started his ministry yet, He was still helping people. I liked all the characters, too. Sitre seemed like a cute little girl. I guess she was left to fend for herself because of the leprosy? She had a connection to the prince's son because of that. I read an article today that Martin Scorsese and Paul Schrader are doing a series on Netflix about the origins of Christianity. The article I read mentioned apocrypha. Maybe we'll get to see stories like this one!

  11. Good afternoon, Justin! I am here from the Indian Epics course. Being that all of the stories that I have read throughout this semester were the epics of India, it was exciting to get to come over here to have the opportunity to experience what your semester has been like. While I was at your website I read your story "Corruption in the Sea". Since I am new to this I also went ahead and read the original story that was your inspiration for your retelling. I have got to say you did a fantastic job man, great stuff. Your author's note was also excellent. Lastly, I wanted to say that your website is also great. Very cool design and layout. Easy to find what I was looking for as well. Great work overall! Despite being in different courses I'll start coming over here more often to read cool stories from you guys in the Myth-Folklore course!


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